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An explanation of PhysCom.Net

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This website has two parts. On one side of the coin are a set of resources, the initial ones being the result of an Australian National OLT Fellowship. I would like to see this set of resources grow through the contribution of other physics educators. The other side of the coin is a community forum where we can discuss all things pertaining to learning and teaching in physics. The two sides are linked by some gooey stuff in the middle called tags and categories that try and bring together material of a common disposition. As people contribute more material, either resources or discussion, the website will grow. If we find a lot of “stuff” happening in a particular area then it will get its own little category. So the website will change and develop organically as people use it! So cool!

While the initial site is funded from the OLT Fellowship the Australian Institute of Physics has pledged on-going support so we have a modicum of sustainability.  J

Till next time…

Chris Creagh