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This site provides a forum for teachers of Physics to find, share and comment on Physics teaching resources and approaches. It is aimed at teachers at primary, secondary and introductory tertiary levels, and we hope that the emerging community of scholars will become a "useful place" which facilitates learning and teaching in Physics.

There are two main parts of the site: Teaching Resources and a Forum to discuss the resources and Physics teaching in general. The initial content derives from a National Teaching Fellowship from the Australian Government's Office for Learning and Teaching. Ongoing development of the site and Forum is supported by the Australian Institute of Physics, Physics Education Group.

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Lecture Demonstrations and associated resources

Work It Out Resources

These resources address foundation skills needed by beginning Physics students.


  • Teaching in STEM
    • The Reflective Practitioner: Creating a Learning Environment
    • Teachers are the architects of the students "official" learning environment so it is worth while taking the time to consider each of the artefacts that we put into our students learning environment - this is what being a reflective practitioner is all about. Discussion by metaphor while creating a custard dessert.